Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India [2021]

Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India [2021]: Crypto Trading in India has experienced a huge spike since the two-year ban lifted in March. While the country faces a huge economic dip, crypto trading has peaked. Consequently, many crypto trading apps have been launched in the country to aid the trade.
After Bitcoin established itself as a secure form of wealth, there has been great speculation to get it in one’s favour. After the depreciating values of the currency in the country, the only source of maintaining the money laundry is Bitcoin. Since the lockdown began, BTC volumes became 10X.
some of the basic features of these apps include-

  • Fast and smart KYC process
  • Supports over 100 currencies
  • Crypto-crypto, crypto-INR, INR- crypto trading
  • Immediate withdrawals and deposits.
  • The user base is identified.

Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

Let us look at some of the most favoured crypto trading apps in the country today. List of Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India in 2021.

1- Coinbase
The first app to make it to our Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India list is Coinbase with 56 million verified users and a base in over 100 countries. The app allows users to securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and many more. 98% of the currency on the app is stored offline.

Coinbase - Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

It is powered by a simple, user-friendly dashboard.  It updates its users of crypto prices and their digital asset value in real-time. The app also updates its users about innovations, news, market trends and price alerts. The app also offers an affiliate program.
⦁ 99% assets in cold storage
⦁ accepts major crypto and fiat currencies
⦁ advanced trading with Coinbase Pro
⦁ very high liquidity rate.
Cons of the app-
⦁ not available in some countries
⦁ trading and exchange fees are high
⦁ wallet keys not controlled by the user.


2- Binance
Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.  It mixes blockchain technology with finance access and has traded for over 150 cryptocurrencies worldwide.
Users can easily make an account on the app with a 2-factor authentication system. Single tap price alerts, comprehensive comparison, and easy liquidation of crypto assets are some of the most desirable qualities of the app. Using Secure Asset Funds, users can easily buy store and sell currency and transact with over 50 million merchant platforms over the globe.


This website has a very comprehensive collection of how to’s and trade practices. This makes it easier for users to navigate through the trade process.
A recurring buy is an option that is unique to the app. Basically, users select how often they want to purchase a certain currency, and the app automates the rest of the process. The currency can be sent and received among groups through Binance wallet and QR codes.


3- Wazir X
Wazir X claims to have lightning-fast INR Withdrawals. The most exciting feature about the app is its token WRX. Created by the app itself, it is unique to the app allowing easy trade of the currencies.
The app allows users to trade through the Live Open order book system. Another feature that makes it approachable is the USDT cash in and out system.

Wazir X - Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

Other features that make it a good choice for the Indian market are-
⦁ store currency in the wallet.
⦁ traders get 50% referral commission
⦁ passcode security, minute by minute price tracking
⦁ Autofill pricing
⦁ USDT cash in and out system via P2P trading.
cons of the app-
⦁ Currently, bank and Paytm transfers are halted on the platform due to safety concerns.
⦁ No fingerprint option available
⦁ High bank transfer charges


4- Unocoin
The most exciting feature of this app is its applicability for even small transactions like mobile and TV recharges. Union is amongst the top crypto and Blockchain companies in India.

Unocoin - Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

Unocoin depicts features like-
⦁ INR supremacy in buying bitcoins on the platform.
⦁ low transaction fees
⦁ live price tracker
⦁ a wallet for the currency
⦁ automated bitcoin buying with fixed amount and frequency
⦁ free bitcoins on referrals
⦁ quick converter and live price tracker.
⦁ can start buying and selling through the Indian bank account.
⦁ no maker or taker fee
⦁ debit/ credit card deposits accepted
⦁ Buy/sell fee of 0.7% for minimum usage of 60 days.
cons of the app-
⦁ high trading fee
⦁ the minimum deposit is INR 1000


5- Bitbns
Bitbns is a platform that keeps it very simple and attractive. With the unique feature of the Fixed Income Plan, it assures regular returns on your cryptocurrency investments. Trades with over 70 currencies.

Bitbns - Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

⦁ available on any platform (android or ios)
⦁ cold storage, 2-factor authentication with google authenticator.
⦁ Payment- IMPS, NEFT, P2P, USDT P2P and MobiKwik wallet.
⦁ clean and simple user interface
⦁ Can have inaccurate market charts at times


6- Zebpay
Zebpay is one of the oldest trading apps in India and with its maximum protection policy, it keeps 98% of its assets in cold storage. If you are trading for the first time, it is time to use this app. Zebpay was relaunched after the two-year ban on crypto trading in India in 2020.

Zebpay - Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India

Its features are highlighted below-
⦁ simple, interactive UI
⦁ trade and watch interface on the same screen.
⦁ Security- multi-chain security transaction system with fingerprint security and 4 digit pin for access.
⦁ Monthly membership fee- 0.0001 BTC per month
⦁ 0.15% maker fee, 0.25% taker fee
⦁ crypto deposits- INR 15 in UPI, 1.77% on net banking.


7- Coin DCX
Last but not the least in our list of Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India is Coin DCX. With the highest liquidity rate and 200 currency trade options, this app remains the best in India in terms of money movement. it also teaches the basics of investment to its users.

⦁ Available on any platform.
⦁ Live price alerts, order tracking, smart UI and easy to use dashboard.
⦁ Security- First layer is google authenticator. different password for every withdrawal and fingerprint authentication.
⦁ 0.1% maker and taker fee.
⦁ minimum withdrawal limit- INR 1000. No withdrawal fee.
⦁ Payment- NEFT, UPI, IMPS, RTGS and bank transfer.
⦁ can also trade with the OTC trading feature.
⦁ Deposit problems are reported at times on the app.


Top 7 Crypto Trading Apps In India Conclusion

Considering all the features, every app has a proper balance of security trading options as well as liquidation and conversion rates which make the above-mentioned apps a safe trading choice for the users in the country. keeping user control and experience in mind, many of the apps even guide their users to trade and understand the trends of the market, making them a more favoured choice.
You can easily choose an app that matches your financial and investment needs and provides the most suitable option for your transactions. As the people in the country have started investing in cryptocurrency seriously, it is necessary to know the basics and invest very wisely. Although buying and trading can be a tricky thing in itself, crypto exchanges make it a smooth sail for many.



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