How buy Pig Finance(PIG)? Pig Finance Complete Buying Analysis

The rise of Cryptocurrency and trading in recent days has raised millions of users and more million learners through social media. The take-off in Bitcoin has been a trigger to the rising of many meme-based cryptocurrencies as a result, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Now Pig Finance(PIG) tokens are everywhere. Every animal nowadays owns a cryptocurrency on their name, jokes apart. But what is this Pig Finance(PIG) token? How do you Buy Pig Finance(PIG) Token? and what is the step-by-step procedure for buying the token? To know more stick to the article and now, Let’s begin.

What is Pig Finance(PIG) Token?

The Pig Finance (PIG) is a token on the Binance Smart chain with many new upgrades. One is being the only coin with a Blackhole design algorithm. With this algorithm, PIG has significant decentralization on a scale we’ve never seen before in any token. This unique algorithm exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. This is additionally topped with the Auto-liquidity feature that rapidly boosts the token’s liquidity.

Blackhole owned over 50% at the launch. Black hole’s 2% wallet transaction distribution also results in the exponential growth of the token supply burn and Blackhole.

In less than a month since its introduction, these features made it a powerful yet tremendous crypto powerhouse.

Where to Buy Pig finance token?

To Buy Pig Finance(PIG) token, one must configure their wallet to use the Binance Smart Chain network, because PIG is only available on Binance smart chain. For gas fees, you’ll need to own BNB tokens. Then you will be able to swap BNB tokens with the PIG tokens.

To buy BNB coins one must find a Safe and a trusted crypto marketplace such as

BNB tokens act as an intermediate when exchanging money such as from one cryptocurrency to another.

How to buy it?

Step1: Buying BNB tokens

Buy Pig Finanace

One must own BNB tokens to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies in this case to buy Pig Finance(PIG) tokens. If you are a beginner you can Sign up at Binance.To buy them, you need to exchange your cash for the tokens, by following the steps mentioned to guide you through the process on the website itself.

Then you have your BNB tokens ready!

Step2: Using a Crypto wallet to add Binance Smart chain

Firstly, if You are new to a crypto wallet, it is a safe place to store your crypto tokens/currency and keep it accessible and private to the user. Meta mask is one such crypto wallet.


Buy Pig Finanace

a. Sign up for a Meta mask account

  1. Select the download for ios/Android and a browser extension for desktop or download it from Google play store/Chrome store.
  2. Install/Launch Metamask to set up an account and create a strong password with the required Policies mentioned.
    Buy Pig Finance

    Meta mask
  3. Complete the wallet setup process giving special care to the Secret backup phrase the “12” golden words that are responsible for the backup and restoration of your account. If you lose wallet access, you certainly are locked out of the funds inside.

    Buy Pig
  4. Your Metamask wallet is set up!

b. Trading on Metamask/Sending BNB coins to the smart chain on meta mask

  1. Navigate to the Binance wallet page of your account.
  2. Copy the Binance Smart chain network address by clicking on it, and do ensure the wallet is on the Binance smart chain page.
  3. Click on Withdraw near the Binance coin balance of your account and then paste the address in the field named address.
  4. Double-check the address you pasted to rule out any mistakes that occurred as a precautionary measure.
  5. Select “BEP20” on the BNB withdrawal screen.
  6. Enter the amount you wish to transfer in the amount field.
  7. Security verification is followed after.
  8. The transaction will be successful and will be reflected on the meta mask wallet

Step3: Buy Pig Finance token(PIG) on Pancake swap

To buy Pig finance token

  1. Go to Pancake swap.
  2. Select connect wallet option to connect meta mask wallet and paste PIG token contract/select a token, PIG(in this case).

    Buy Pig Finance
  3. A new window will open on showing swap options. Ensure twice that you selected The BNB to PIG token in the swap.
  4. Click on Swap and confirm it, once done.
  5. For the trade to finalize you need to adjust the slippage and do bear in mind to use 2.5% slippage or more because if the slippage is less than 2%, it may be the cause for your transaction to fail.
  6. Next click on the confirm button in the meta mask after the final step is completed in the Pancake swap to approve the transaction.
  7. You can now find your PIG token on the meta mask wallet directly or you could manually add token if not found even after sufficient “after transaction” time.


Here you go! and you have now officially bought a PIG token for yourself. Cryptocurrency is the phenomenal urbanization of the world and it is getting better day by day and one must be sure to update on the regular trend, as a result, to be in the race of the world. Hope this article was informative enough to guide you through the steps to buy a PIG finance token.

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