How To Get Free Bitcoins

How To Earn Free Bitcoins In India: 5 Easy Methods

Bitcoin is the most popular and most valued crypto in the world, and its value is always soaring to form a new high. 1 BTC is equal to $59,100 as of this September. And a week back it made a fresh lifetime high of $66,923. Everyone would want to have such a magical coin that has the potential to give such humongous gains. But what if you don’t want to spend the money from your pocket to purchase this coin. It could be because of any reason like it’s a very volatile currency and you could end up buying it at a very high price. And lose your hard-earned money. Or you simply don’t have the interest in purchasing Bitcoin with your own money.   Free Bitcoins

Well, you don’t need to worry because there are ways for you to earn Bitcoins for free. Below you can find 5 easy methods for how you can earn Bitcoins for free:

1. Cointiply

It is a proper Bitcoin reward website. It provides free Bitcoin to its users. And earn Bitcoins means that a person has to do several kinds of tasks to receive a Bitcoin. These tasks are easy and can be finished within minutes. And a user gets paid accordingly. It does not pay very highly for individual tasks. But when you regularly do the tasks on the platform, you can earn a good sum.CoinTiply

Cointiply is a totally free website, that any person can use. Its tasks include quizzes, surveys, watching videos, downloading games, etc. All sorts of random stuff that companies do for marketing.

2. Free Bitcoins through BuyUcoin

It is a crypto application where a person can trade Bitcoins and earn Bitcoins. BuyUcoin is popular for its exchange business.


It also offers a lot of scratch cards to its clients. And a user can earn up to 2000 INR in Bitcoins in one day. Through various methods like referrals, trading, etc. It disburses the rewards through EZBack Scratch cards. BuyUcoin has distributed 1 BTC till date, to its users. A new user has the highest chances of earning free BTC through BuyUcoin.

3. Shop and Earn

With Shop and Earn you can earn free Bitcoins when you shop online and pay using fiat at the stores. It has a lot of benefits and rewards included in it. It’s like when you shop online or pay using certain UPI apps, you get rewards or free gifts and subscriptions. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn free bitcoins. There are several crypto reward apps that give their users free bitcoins when they spend money online, Shop and Earn is one of them.

4. Free Bitcoins Through Trading

Earning free Bitcoins through trading is one of the familiar ways that many people are aware of. It is almost as familiar as day to day trading of shares. Although it takes a bit of alertness and awareness, it can be a useful method for those who are experienced in share trading. Like stock exchanges, there are cryptocurrency exchanges as well so people can find almost any type of cryptocurrency they are interested in. And the Exchange rewards its users with Bitcoins when users trade on their platform. Which helps them maintain the necessary liquidity.

5. By Writing articles

Due to the covid situation, the internet has raised the scope of work from home concept globally. There are several websites like Steemit,, etc where you can write articles and get paid in the form of Bitcoin.OKEX However, some websites may not pay in Bitcoins but in some other cryptocurrencies. Later you can convert them into Bitcoins through OKEx spot trading.

6. Bitcoin Faucets

It is a type of method in which several websites offer a specific feature to users by constantly providing free Bitcoins to its users say, some websites dispatch some part of free Bitcoins as a way of promotion. Although, since it is for promotions and other purposes, users get small awards. The main motive of faucets is to attract users to their websites and so website owners can get good advertisement revenue through ads and cookies and several other benefits.

Since only constant users may be aware of the fact that Bitcoins are never actually free and they cost thousands of dollars to obtain but including the above-given methods there are several other methods through which Bitcoins and other cryptos can be earned for free. As we are aware that the prices of Bitcoins have been on a rise for a long time now. So even people prefer to hold Bitcoin for a longer period of time and it also provides several other benefits to its holders.


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