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Free Bitcoins! and How to claim them in CoinDCX App?

It is Who doesn’t love freebies? But when we can get free Bitcoins just by following some simple steps, this could be amazing. Recently an online sports platform called Halaplay and CoinDCX came together with an amazing offer. The offer proclaimed that just signup followed by a deposit of 50 rupees will get free bitcoin worth 300 rupees.

Bitcoin is such a cryptocurrency introduced well before. The rise of many meme-based tokens was a result of the high popularity and rise in Bitcoin trade and exchange.

You may be a complete beginner But this article will guide you through the steps and the complete analysis to buy through your way and get 300 worth of free bitcoins in your CoinDCX account.


free bitcoins

Firstly, what is a bitcoin? Bitcoin is a modern world digital currency. Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous founder of BTC. Its price depends on the Holder and strategy used. The price variations were a con for it. BTC was on the internet as a silent storm brewing up to take off at a phenomenon range in recent times.

Bitcoin started as decentralized blockchain technology. Decentralized means that it was not controlled by a certain group/system/Individual.

The value of Bitcoin is certainly dependent on the market fluctuations and continued to be transparent in transactions and decentralized.

The Blockchain is a common word when the topic of Digital currency arises. So what is Blockchain?

Simply, Blockchain can be referred to as a Database, but which contains information of the peer-to-peer transactions carried out from the beginning of the transaction. This way one could keep a check of how and where their currency is transferred.


This is an online sports arena used to earn simple and fast money. This involves participating in leagues in both local and international circuits. This sports fantasy site involves depositing money for league games. For signing up visit Halaplay.


free bitcoin

This Singapore Based, Indian-handled company has become the most trusted Indian crypto-exchange site, established on 7th April 2018. This is what most people call “The first” Indian Crypto exchange platform to achieve unicorn status amid regulatory uncertainty over crypto assets.

This had the aim of providing user-friendly exchange on a platform with cutting-edge technology.

Steps To Get Free bitcoins from Halaplay:

These are the following steps to get free bitcoins from Halaplay

  1. Open Halaplay official website.

    free bitcoins
  2. Create a new Halaplay account and complete the signup process.
  3.  Go to Halaplay wallet and deposit an amount of 50 rupees and check for a successful transaction.
  4. Next, if you see you will be getting a 200 rupees free bitcoin code for CoinDCX.
  5. Now go to the Playstore or AppStore and Download the CoinDCX app.
  6. Verify Mobile Number using OTP.
  7. Complete the signup process using the required credentials such as Name, e-mail, phone number, and creating a strong password.
  8. Go to the home page and click on the account section to Link your Bank account to the app.
  9. Enter the promo code you received in the “Have a Promo Code” box.
  10. You can see Rs 200 Bitcoin will be added to your CoinDCX portfolio.

    free bitcoins
  11. Apply the SANKMO100 or GET100 coupon to receive an additional Rs100 BTC worth in your account.

    free bitcoins
  12. Your Rs 300 will be unlocked once you complete a Rs 100 Bitcoin purchase in the app. This is mandatorily required to unlock your free bitcoins from the app.

    free BTC
  13. Purchase a coin valued at Rs 100 now.
  14. Go to “My Investment” and you’ll see Rs 100 worth of Bitcoins and then sell them as you need one trade for the signup bonus.
  15. After that, you can deposit Rs 300 in your bank account as bitcoin.
  16. So now you should find all the 300 worth free bitcoins in your account.
  17. Now Enjoy the convenience of a safe and secure transaction of free bitcoins with just a snap, using CoinDCX and Hala play.


And voila!!!! You now have 300/- worth of free Bitcoins in your CoinDCX account. This could be your first step into the realm of cryptocurrency. But by now you could have seen how easy a simple 50/- transaction could get you free bitcoins. So now you have understood the process of rewarding yourself with free bitcoins easily. Hope this article was useful enough to make the process simple yet digestible.

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