Fortune Favours The Brave ad campaign with Matt Damon Signs Matt Damon As Its Brand Ambassador

The all-time famous Interstaller actor Matt Damon has been assigned as the Brand Ambassador of one of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges Cryptocurrency Exchnages are increasing every day and so is the competition in the industry. Therefore big Exchanges like are spending huge money on marketing themselves. Matt Damon has worked on an ad for which will be aired in more than 20 countries. The name of the ad is “Fortune Favours The Brave”, and this ad is directed by the Oscar-winner Wally Pfister and produced by David Fincher. Matt Damon has said, “ shares my commitment to empowering people around the globe with the tools needed to take control of their futures”.

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Although the ad is great, a person should understand what the title is trying to say. “Fortune Favours The Brave” if explicitly interpreted, it shows that the exchange understands that the crypto industry is filled with risks, and is highly volatile. But, it is also very rewarding. And therefore only that person can earn money who is willing to take the risk of getting involved with crypto. comes under the Forbes list of Best Crypto Exchanges of 2021. It holds a rating of 4.7 given by the Forbes advisors. It charges a very nominal trading fee from its users. A marginal 0.4% for both makers and takers. And the users who can trade to a certain extent can reap further signs Matt Damon

It is also popular for the wide variety of coins/tokens that it offers. It has more than 180+ cryptos available on its platform. A user can trade more than 200+ pairs with up to 10x leverage. It is increasing its leverage on more and more tokens with time. Then also offers a lot of referral bonuses and other prize pools to its users. A user can earn up to $2000 by just referring other people. And when the person stakes CRO more than a certain amount. has more than 10M+ users on its platform. It provides proper safety to its users’ accounts as proven by the high cybersecurity ratings it holds. Some other features of include its own trading application that users can download on their smartphones. And trade anytime, anywhere with it. also sponsors Formula 1, UFC, 76ers, etc. The most recent development on its marketing is signing Matt Damon as its Brand Ambassador. Although, there is huge competition in the crypto exchange industry. But the market is too wide, and there are still an amazing amount of people who do not use crypto. And with the soaring prices of popular coins, it is only naming it easier for the Exchnages to drive the customer towards themselves.

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Kris Marszalek is the CEO of And there are a lot of things that he announced along with the signing of Matt Damon as their Brand Ambassador. Marszalek explained in a series of tweets that the ad is “A tribute to those who got us this far” and is also “an invitation to those who will take us further.” He went on to add, “We are a community-building the future of the internet, Web3. Powered by cryptocurrency, Web3 will be more fair and equitable, owned by the builders, creators, and users. You.”Kris Marzalek CEO of

These were the appealing words of Kris Marszalek. This was’s first Branding campaign. And the purpose of the campaign was to connect with their users and the general public. To help them understand that cryptos are the future. And there’s a lot more to know about crypto than simply trading the coins. Since its inception, crypto has already proved itself as a great investment, payment aggregator, database service provider, and a lot more things. So, it is time for people to acknowledge this technology and embrace it into their lives and works.

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