CoinSwitch Kuber hires Ranveer

CoinSwitch Kuber announces Ranveer Singh as its Brand Ambassdor

Coinswitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency Exchange formed exclusively for the Indian investors in June 2020. It has a total user base of more than 15M+ users on its platform. Coinswitch Kuber on the 8th of October declared its first Brand Ambassador. Ranveer Singh has been chosen by CoinSwitch Kuber for a total of 3 ad films, for its “Kuch Toh Badlega” campaign. It’s a huge step for Coinswitch Kuber, as it is actively investing its resources in the marketing of its platform. CoinSwitch Kuber is valued at $1.9 Billion and is a part of the Indian unicorn club. It is also the most valued cryptocurrency Exchange in India.Ranveer Singh

Statement by the CEO –

Ashish Shinghal, the Co-founder and CEO of Coinswitch Kuber has said, “We are excited to have Ranveer Singh join us as our brand ambassador. Our aim is to make crypto accessible to billions in India while making it as simple as ordering food online. I am confident that Ranveer, with his youth appeal, will enable us to make strides towards achieving that goal while aiding CoinSwitch Kuber to become a household name.”

Ashish Singhal

“By featuring Ranveer Singh in our Kuch Toh Badlega campaign we are tapping into the significant interest we have witnessed from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We want to ensure that Indians from all walks of life are aware of the low barrier of entry into the crypto space along with the simplicity our platform affords,” he added.

The reason behind choosing Ranveer for its campaign is to appeal to his young fan following.

CoinSwitch Kuber to to tradeTo attract young investors to the newest and the hottest digital asset through its platform. Ranveer Singh is a young and passionate Bollywood actor and holds a great deal of young fan following in India. This move by Coinswitch Kuber will help it increase its presence in the market. Especially with the young generation which is better capable of understanding the blockchain technology. It is little more than a year old, and it offers features like zero trading fees on its platform and hiring a well-established actor like Ranveer Singh. These moves only prove how aggressively Coinswitch Kuber is putting money into the marketing of its platform. And how much investors are eager to put their money into this industry.

The reason behind such aggressive marketing by Coinswitch Kuber

Cryptocurrencies have taken the whole world by shock, people are starting to realize how serious this technology is. In India, although we have numerous people willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. We don’t have that many Exchanges to even the field. And therefore, Exchanges like Coinswitch Kuber and Coin DCX are trying to make the most of the early mover advantage they have got. By providing their clients with zero trading fees and investing heavily in the marketing of its platform. These Exchanges are trying to grab the maximum customer share before the industry gets crowded by various market players. It is simply planning for the long run.CoinSwitch Kuber Mobile Application

For instance, Coin DCX had taken Amitabh Bachchan as it’s Brand Ambassador. But Big B paused his association with Coin DCX till the time Government announces any legal grounds regarding Cryptocurrencies. Since Coin DCX couldn’t pursue the Big B, it recently announced Ayushmann Khurrana as its latest Brand Ambassador. Hence, proving the point of how heavily these exchanges are investing in marketing their platforms.

CoinSwitch Kuber is targeting 50 Million users in two years, says its CEO Ashish Shinghal. CoinSwitch Kuber currently offers 80 Digital coins on its platform. It has exponential growth potential, as the crypto market in India is growing at an excessively high pace.


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