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Coin DCX Pro Launch Date in Apple IPhone/IOS

Coin DCX is the first crypto unicorn of India. Since its launch in 2018, it has achieved several milestones. It is one of the most popular Crypto Exchanges in India. It offers more than 200+ tokens on its platform. Initially, the Coin DCX mobile application was launched for Android users only. But as the demand 34for its services has grown multifold, it has launched its IOS application as well this year. But Coin DCX has two kinds of apps for its users, Coin DCX Go and Coin DCX Pro. The latter is not available for IOS users yet. Coin DCX team has said that they are working on it, and will inform its users as soon as it is released.

Coin DCX Go

The first app, Coin DCX Go is made for beginners, as it allows easy buying and selling of coins. The Coin DCX Go app provides around 50 popular tokens for its users to buy and sell. While the Coin DCX Pro is made for advanced trading and has multiple features for its users. Like Spot, Margin Lend, Stake, and Insta as its products. It also has more than 200+ tokens on its platform.

Coin DCX Pro has formed its footprint in the crypto market. Although there are many Crypto Exchanges in India, only a few have the maximum market share. Like CoinSwitch Kuber, Coin DCX, and WazirX. There are other Exchanges too that are doing heavy marketing to grab the market like UnoCoin and ZebPay.

Coin DCX Trading

But the Exchanges mentioned before are the real leaders of the crypto industry right now.
CoinDCX has partnered with some of the largest Blockchain and crypto development investors. Like Coinbase ventures, BainCapital Ventures, Polychain Capital, BitMEX, etc. These companies have helped Coin DCX Pro to form a fast and secure application for its users.

Coin DCX Charges

Coin DCX Pro charges do not carry a fixed charge for the trades made by its users. It depends on various things like, whether the trade is a maker or a taker in the order book, and the coin/token that is being traded, etc. Like most other Exchanges, Coin DCX also incentivizes users who bring higher volume to the Exchange. You can check out the charges in detail below.Coin DCX Pro App Review

Deposit fees

Coin DCX Pro does not charge any money for the deposits made by its users. Deposits can be made through direct Bank transfers, Mobiwik or Crypto Transfers can be made too. The users who have done the complete KYC of their accounts can Deposit up to 5,00,000 through Bank Transfers, and up to 1,00,000 through MobiKwik Wallets, in one day. For non-KYC users, the maximum limit is 10,000 only and the minimum amount for a deposit is 100 Rupees for all kinds of accounts.

Coin DCX Pro accepts payments through fiat in INR only. But, if a user wishes to transfer coins directly from their wallet to their Coin DCX account, it has the option to do that too. But, wallet tags are available for a few tokens only, For example, XRP, XMR, XLM, etc.

Withdrawal fees

Coin DCX Pro charges a nominal amount from its clients as withdrawal fees. Earlier, it had very high fees for withdrawal, but currently, it has kept a below industry average fee for its user.

Like, the fee for BTC withdrawals, the industry average is 0.0006 BTC per BTC. Coin DCX charges its users 0.0005 BTC for Bitcoin Withdrawals. For all other coins/tokens, it has a separate charge sheet that a user can refer to by clicking on this link. The minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are 500 and 5,00,000 rupees respectively, per day for full KYC users. While for non-KYC Users the limit is just 10,000 Rupees.


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