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Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchange To Trade Crypto Without Any Fees

The Cryptocurrency Exchange business has been booming for the past few years. As people have been constantly opening Crytpo Trading Accounts, Crypto Exchanges are facing tough competition among themselves. So, to effectively compete in the business, you gotta do what a customer demands. And the customers want a Trading Account that charges no fees for trading on their platform.

There are a lot of fees that a customer would have to pay in executing different-different types of Crypto Trading Strategies. For Example, Arbitrage Trading is getting quite common these days. And the profit margin of every trade is very small in Arbitraging, as the user has to sell the currency immediately in a different Exchange. Now, if he has to pay hefty charges for the transaction fees or in Withdrawal or Deposit Fees every time he makes a trade. It would become useless and irrational for him to Trade in that particular Exchange.

Below you can find 7 Cryptocurrency Exchange that charges no fees or very low fees on their platforms:


1: KuCoin

KuCoin is a global Cryptocurrency Exchange and also one of the most popular exchanges of the world.


It provides its users with more than 200 Crypto coins to trade with, and more than 400 pairs. Accepts around 46 fiat currencies. It also provides the facility to trade the coins on leverage of up to 10 times. KuCoin charges minimal charges for trading on its platform. Users who trade more than 2000 BTC in 30 days, and help increase the liquidity of the Exchange do not have to pay any fee at all.

2: Lykke

Lykee is popular for its easy-to-trade platform. It is especially good for beginners, who are new to trading in Crypto.Lykee Exchange It provides multiple facilities, from Forex trading to derivatives, or even Crypto Index trading, It has it all. Most Exchanges charge fees for swap trades on their platforms, but Lykee provides that facility for free to its users. It has more than 40 popular coins available for trading on its platform. Lykee does not charge any deposit or withdrawal charges either. A user can start on Lykee with as low as 1 Euro and start trading with no fee on Bitcoin, Forex, or Crypto, etc. Lykee provides 24/7 customer support to its users.

3: ShapeShift

Shapeshift was founded in 2014 by Eric Vorhees, it even has its own token “FOX Token”. ShapeShiftIt rewards its customers in various ways who hold FOX Tokens. It has recently launched a platform through which users can buy Bitcoins with no trading fee at all. ShapeShift is also popular for its diversified platform, which has more than 750 cryptocurrencies across 11 Blockchains, and thousands of Crypto Pairs. ShapeShift has handled a total volume of more than 6 Billion USD. Recently ShapeShift is working on completely decentralizing its crypto platform. That means it is dissolving its corporate structure to become a community-owned corporation.

4: Phemex

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange popular for its fast and secure platform.

Phemex Cryptocurrecncy Exchange

It handles more than 300,000 transactions per minute, which takes less than 1 Millisecond for each transaction through Phemex. Phemex provides more than 100x leverage to its users on certain contracts. Phemex was founded by 8 former Morgan Stanley executives who have more than 40+ years of experience in delivering HFT(High-Frequency Technology) to its users. It is one of the largest crypto Spot trading platforms in the world that charges zero fees.

5: was founded in 2016, it is a team of 2600 people.

Crypto .com provides a lot of features on its platform like, buy, sell, trade, spend, store, earn, loan cash and one can even pay bills with crypto through the Crypto platform. It boasts a user base of more than 10 million customers. It provides a Crypto VISA card to its users, which provides up to 8% cash back on purchases made through the card. Through, a user can trade on more than 150+ cryptocurrencies with 20+ fiat currencies.

6: CoinTiger

Coin Tiger also has a very user-friendly platform and has its own token namely TigerCash (Ticker Symbol: TCH).

Coin Tiger is a cryptocurrency exchange popular for its low trading fees. It charges 0.0005 BTC as a withdrawal fee against the global average of 0.0008 BTC. Coin Tiger is an entry-level Exchange, as it helps new coins or currencies launch their blockchains through Coin Tiger. It has more than 1.1 Million users on its platform, and the liquidity of the Exchange is descent.

7: bitFlyer

bitFlyer was founded in 2014 in Japan. It provides just 5 currencies

bitFlyer Cryptocurrency Exchange

to trade on its platform with an ultra-low trading fee on its advanced trading platform. The motive of forming this Exchange was to specialize in little(5 Coins), which probably led to its popularity. It meets the platinum security requirements as per the Japan Trade Association. Its coin list includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, or Litecoin. So, the users who wish to trade or invest in these specific currencies only should open their account at bitFlyer.

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