Best Bitcoin Cashbacks in India

5 Best Bitcoin Cashbacks & Reward Apps In India

Bitcoin is the most valued crypto in the world and its value is always soaring to form a new high. 1 BTC is equal to $59,100 as of 28 September. And just a week back it made a new lifetime high of $66,923. Everyone would wish to have such a magic coin that has the potential to give such humongous gains. Transacting in Bitcoins is easier and cheaper for most companies. And since most people prefer to receive Bitcoin cashbacks rather than useless coupons and vouchers. So today, there are several companies who happily give away Bitcoins to their customers as certain conditions are met.

Below you can find the name of 5 Bitcoin Cashbacks & Reward Apps:

Bitrefill Cashbacks

Bitrefill is just the Indian version of the likes of Fold and Coin Rebates. It provides the Bitcoin payment service on hundreds of popular brands that are popular in Inda. A user simply has to buy the gift card from Bitrefill’s website through Bitcoins or some other popular coins available on its platform.


And then make purchases through it, and earn a fixed 1% cashback on their purchase. The cashback is not very huge on Bitrefill but it offers a lot of popular brands on its platform for its users. Like Zomato, Dominos, Paytm, Google Play Store, Titan, Tanishq, Cleartrip, BigBazar, Nike, Lifestyle, Uber, Decathlon, Book My Show, Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, etc. It has all these applications available for payments through Bitcoins.

Coin Rebates

Coin Rebates Bitcoin cashback mechanism is pretty much the same as Fold, with some differences. It has more stores than Fold, as it has been in the industry for a longer period of time. Also, unlike Fold, Coin Rebates does not limit its customers to America. A customer can take advantage of Bitcoin cashbacks and purchases at Fold, as long as the brand delivers to the buyer’s location.Coin Rebates

As mentioned above Coin Rebates follows the same mechanism as Fold. A customer will need to purchase Gift cards of supported brands, and redeem those cards at their stores, or online. After the purchase is complete the customer will get some Bitcoins as cashback ranging from 1.5% to 20% of your purchase value. The cashback amount will depend upon the product you purchase.

Fold Cashbacks

Fold is a multipurpose Bitcoin use and cashback app. There are a lot of brands, companies, and stores that do not accept direct Bitcoin payments. But, with Fold a customer can easily purchase Gift cards for all your favorite Brands through your Bitcoin and use them directly on the store or online. And to put the cheese on top, you can get up to 20% cashback in Bitcoins itself. Which you can use to make payments in some other store.FOLD Cashbacks

Fold has a lot of brands and companies on its platform. Like Amazon, Airbnb, Burger King, Starbucks, Target, Uber, Chipotle, Best Buy, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines,, etc. There are many other popular companies where you can make purchases via Bitcoin, through Fold, and earn large cashback in Bitcoins.


Lolli is a very popular Bitcoin cashback application and is used by a bulk of crypto users. It is gaining huge popularity because of its diversified usage. A user can purchase products from 500+ brands, travel, grocery, gas, movie tickets, etc. It has all the daily need purchase facilities on its application. So, now crypto users don’t need to have or use cash or any other mode of payment for their regular purchases.Lolli BTC Cashbacks

Lolli lets its users withdraw the cashback amounts into their BTC Wallets or directly into their Bank Accounts, as soon as the user earns a minimum of $15 in Bitcoins. After reaching that limit, the user can easily withdraw the BTC into their accounts. Lolli offers up to a 30% discount on the hundreds of products available on its platform.


What can be better than to simply binge and earn along the way?

TV TWO Cashbacks

So, TV-TWO in collaboration with Ethereum has formed its own OTT platform.

That lets its users earn ERC20 Tokens as they watch different-different shows on any of their devices. The viewer just has to connect his device with the TV-TWO application and watch the shows.

It is simply to incentive the user towards digital media. And promote several movies and shows on its platform. TV-TWO’s very own app can be downloaded in Android, IOS, and many popular TV Manufacturers like Samsung, and LG, etc.

With the increasing value and use of Bitcoins, users are happier than ever to receive Bitcoins as cashbacks. Then the apps mentioned above also make it convenient and beneficial for the user to make their purchases through Bitcoins. You only need to find the right application for you to enjoy all sorts of benefits. So go ahead and explore all the names mentioned above to enjoy cashbacks and rewards in Bitcoins.


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