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3 Platforms To Help You Keep Updated On Crypto News

Getting into the Cryptocurrency market without proper knowledge can be extremely dangerous. Any person who has the least knowledge of Crypto knows how volatile its market is. There are a lot of people who get into the markets on their friend’s advice or by watching a coin/token go through the roof. It is never that simple.

Volatility in Crypto

Your gut may be right sometimes, but there is a higher probability that you may end up losing a lot.

So, trader or investor, if you are planning to divulge into the cryptocurrency space, kindly don’t engage without proper knowledge. You “can” end up losing it all.

Then there are people who like to stay updated but have no idea where they should go, to get the latest updates regarding anything or everything.

But some people may think why is getting the updates regarding the latest Crypto News so important? I’m in this for the long term.

Answering the question above, Crypto Markets are not like Stock Markets, yet. Where you can simply invest in the major indexes and can be rest-assured for your long-term gains. Crypto is still a highly evolving space, where many may rise and many could fall. This is why you need to stay with the community, that is still trying to figure out this technology.Blockchain Importance

This article is made for people who like, sometimes even need, to know the latest happenings of the crypto markets. Below, you can find three Best platforms that you can use to keep yourself updated with all kinds of Crytpo Events:


For understanding why Twitter should be used to get the latest updates. We need to understand how “Twitter” became the ruler of the Crypto Event talks.

Cryptocurrency is still a “decentralized” blockchain technology worth trillions of Dollars with no single regulator to watch over it. And Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Blockchain technology developers, miners, investors, and all other concerned parties have no specified or regulated platform where they can go to talk, gossip, or even pass on important information regarding the crypto market. So, they chose the world’s largest Information sharing platform “Twitter”.

Twitter for BTC

To get all the latest updates on Crypto Events, the user should start by following all-important Crypto News pages, Crypto Exchanges, individual coin accounts, crypto investing institutions, and lastly, crypto influencers (Example: Elon Musk). The user needs to find all these relevant pages by himself. Once you start following a few, Twitter itself will show you the popular pages in recommendations.


Lunarcrush is a Gold mine for crypto traders. It has almost everything a trader would need. From the popularity of a coin to news updates from Twitter, Lunarcrush has it all. The website of Lunarcrush provides all the information in a very appealing and customized manner.

To provide all the updates relating to every Crypto Event, Lunarcrush uses the data from 6 different mediums. Twitter, Reddit, News, Youtube, Shared Links, and medium.


The user can specifically look for updates from any of these mediums, or multiple mediums.

It also ranks coins on the basis of two very special indicators of its own.

1. Galaxy Score: The Galaxy Score™ indicates how healthy a coin is by looking at combined performance across markets and deep social engagement.

2. AltRank: AltRank™ is a unique measurement that combines altcoin price performance relative to Bitcoin and social indicators.

You can compare different coins, find Interesting feeds, and the influencers’ data, all in one place i.e. Lunarcrush.


The aforementioned platforms are more than enough for the specific knowledge of certain crypto events or coins. This article does not intend to bundle the viewer into overanalyzing things. The more you look, the more you can find sure, but that could also leave the user confused with contrasting views, or extremely bored. So, Google is meant for doing the research on the specific things a user couldn’t understand on a certain platform, or through an article.

Google for Crypto

Google doesn’t need much explanation. It has it all. So, the simplest thing to do, when you wish to know about a certain term you heard somewhere or something you couldn’t find. Instead of bombing various applications or websites, simply google it, and you can directly reach the right page.

As was mentioned at the start, getting into the crypto markets without proper knowledge of your own, or on someone else’s advice, could be a grave mistake. Crypto Market is a very lucrative market for users who know and understand how to play along with the rides. It is best to take charge than to regret in the end.

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